Ben Goldhirsh, founder & CEO, GOOD Worldwide
Rob Zabrecky, magician. 
Marriage psychotherapists Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt
Andrea Letamendi, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and comic nerd.
Linda Ramone in her Sherman Oaks living room. 
Maxandra Short, sustainable jewelry designer
Tim Bovard, taxidermist
Napa Valley winemaker Aaron Pott
Writer/comedian Diane Kawasaki, La Brea Ave., Los Angeles
Max, the spaceman
Executive producer Mark Roberts, creator of "Mike & Molly"
Kevin Bright, former executive producer of "Friends" / founding director of Emerson College Los Angeles.
Jennifer Salt, executive producer "American Horror Story," Paramount Studios.
Jane Pisano, director & president, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Louis Anderman, former Miramax exec turned cocktail bitter purveyor.