Ben Goldhirsh, founder & CEO, GOOD Worldwide
Linda Ramone in her Sherman Oaks living room. 
Andrea Letamendi, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and comic nerd.
Magician Rob Zabrecky, Magic Castle, Los Angeles
Marriage psychotherapists Harville Hendrix & Helen Hunt
Tim Bovard, taxidermist
Napa Valley winemaker Aaron Pott
Maxandra Short, sustainable jewelry designer
Writer/comedian Diane Kawasaki, La Brea Ave., Los Angeles
Max, the spaceman
Kevin Bright, former executive producer of "Friends" / founding director of Emerson College Los Angeles.
Jennifer Salt, executive producer "American Horror Story," Paramount Studios.
Jane Pisano, director & president, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Louis Anderman, former Miramax exec turned cocktail bitter purveyor.